Safety is paramount at Bay Electric. We are committed to providing our employees and customers with a safe and healthful workplace which is evidence by our Experience Modification Rating of .89 (2015), .87 (2014) and .87 (2013). This commitment is upheld through our OSHA and industry inspired safety management program. Continuous training, education, monitoring, site inspections and employee testing all aid in achieving our goal of zero accidents and injuries.

Bay Electric Co., Inc. is committed to providing our employees with a safe and healthful workplace. Our organization understands that safety is one of the keys to a successful business operation, it demands responsible and competent professionals. At Bay Electric, each employee is expected to perform his or her job in a safe manner and in accordance with the procedures outlined in our safety program.

All feasible and practical efforts are made to protect the lives of our employees. Organizational policy requires employees and supervisors to report unsafe conditions as well as any accidents and/or injuries. Employee-made requests to improve safety are made a priority by our management team, and management provides the financial resources for any reasonable request for safety.

Bay Electric Co., Inc. develops a detailed and specific safety plan for each project we perform. These plans are aimed at meeting or exceeding the requirements of our clients and address topics ranging from responsibility and lines of authority to lock-out/tag-out procedures.

As part of our commitment to safety, Bay Electric Co., Inc. provides comprehensive, project specific safety training throughout the lifecycle of each project. More than 50 other safety courses are offered as required to meet the specific needs of each job site. In addition to formal training in a classroom setting, Bay Electric Co., Inc. provides weekly “toolbox” safety training sessions led by the designated project safety officer or supervisor. These training sessions are mandatory for all project personnel, and subcontractor employees are invited to attend.

Quality Control

It is Bay Electric’s policy to obtain the highest level of quality and workmanship in services performed and in projects we manage and construct. Our team takes pride in its workmanship and strives to cover all aspects within the Quality Control Program. This policy is implemented through our company’s specific Quality Control Plan, which monitors and measures performance though the project lifecycle.

Bay Electric’s Quality Control Program establishes procedures for the scheduled and unscheduled inspection and review of all items of work including management, design, and construction services to ensure that the quality of materials, equipment, workmanship and warranty service comply with the provisions and specifications of each project. Our Quality Control plans apply to Bay Electric employees, subcontractors, and vendors providing on-site or off-site materials, equipment and/or services.

At Bay Electric, our employees complete the Corps of Engineers Training Course, Construction Quality Management for Contractors. Additional quality control processes include:  preparation and implementation of a customized Quality Control Plan; submittal preparation, review certification and submission; quality control meetings; performance of the three phases of control; performance of testing; project acceptance procedures; documentation; warranty response; and customer service program implementation.

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